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Crewing agencje załogowe agencje zalogowe praca na morzu praca na statku praca na statkach job at sea
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22.5.20152/E for Maersk Line / permanent employment - 3 on/3 off contract ( non-stop salary)
22.5.2015C/E for Maersk Line / permanent employment - 3 months on/off contract (non-stop salary)
22.5.2015C/O na kontenerowce 3500 TEU i 4300 TEU
22.5.20152/E na kontenerowiec
22.5.20153/O na kontenerowiec potrzebny ok. 01 czerwca
22.5.2015**CHIEF ENG.** CONT. VSL 2600 TEU
22.5.2015URGENT***ELECTRICIAN*** Container vessel
22.5.2015URGENT: 2/ENG, 2nd Officer - MPP Vsl
22.5.2015 URGENT **3/E and ELECTR.na BC vsl. 28000 DWT
22.5.2015 CH/ENG. CAR-CARRIER z doswiadczeniem
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Name, last name:Jakub Z.
Rank:Deck Cadet

Name, last name:Mariusz B.
Bulk carrier 10.000-50.000 DWT,
Bulk carrier 50.000 DWT or more,
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Oil Consultants Ltd Oil Consultants Ltd
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    Polska Żegluga Bałtycka SA - Polferries Polska Żegluga Bałtycka SA - Polferries
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